[5 Ways] We Keep a positive mindset through adversity

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We will all have our fair share of adversity and challenges throughout our lives. In fact, just this week, we had a run in with Murphy’s law, in which everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. To be quite frank, it made us want to quit something that we have been working on for the past year. For those of us with anxiety, you can probably relate. It can be so easy to fall into thinking errors that defeat us and make us want to give up when things don’t go our way. However, it’s important to stay positive and motivated in order to keep a strong outlook to move forward. Positive thinking and a good attitude are critical to our mental health and overall wellness. This week, we want to share 5 things we do to maintain positive thoughts in the face of adversity.

1. Wait before you act

For us, our anxiety makes us want to act quick and fast after we face a perceived obstacle. After all, we want to remove the perceived threat and unknown quickly. Many times this leads us to make a quick decision without fully understanding the whole picture. We then take unnecessary actions which gives us more stress. 


When we act quick, we don’t allow ourselves time to process or practice positive thinking. This leads us to make rash decisions that causes more problems in the long run. When you face a negative situation, take time to pause and really think through the problem. If we allow ourselves time to process and think, we are better able to de-escalate the fire alarm in our head and work through our problems rationally. Many times we find the problem was just due to a misunderstanding! If you have trouble allowing yourself time to think, it can help to practice grounding techniques. This can help you focus your energy away from the trigger, which may help you process your thoughts better.

2. Speak with positive people

There is no doubt that the company we keep influences our mentality and emotions. In our heads we thought for a long time that positive people were solely those who supported and heard us out. However, many of the people we spoke with would also give in to their negative emotions about the situation. After all, misery loves company! Whether it was a tough assignment, a challenging social situation or a mean boss, they would lament with us and indulge us in our negative thinking. While we felt validated and supported, we also felt more negative and justified than before! 


Yes, when you face adversity, it’s good to be heard, validated and to be able to vent, but it is just as important to be talked down and challenged to look for positives. In the end, the problem still exists and needs to be resolved. If we only have negative feelings, we won’t have the energy to meet it head on. If you are looking for a group of friends and support, come join our Facebook group. We’ve become a family community who supports and cares for one another as peers. You’re always welcome!

group of positive people 7 people. Third person from right shirt has tomodotchi pet on it.

3. Change your environment

people in car driving. tomodotchi pets hidden on right car sun visor

This one is huge for us! When we are presented with a challenge, it feels like a negative energy is created in the room we are physically located. This negative energy makes us feel lethargic and unmotivated to move forward. One thing that really helps us is to move to a different location. Even the simple act of moving to a different room in the house or facing a different window helps. For us, seeing differences in the way the sun shines through a window or feeling a different breeze can have huge resetting effects on our overall outlook. Personally, we love going to book store cafés or places with lots of people having fun. Just being around others with no pressure to talk somehow provides us a sense of calm. It helps us realize that we aren’t alone and that our problems in the grand scheme of the world aren’t too large to solve.

4. Get some easy wins!

This one may sound silly, but for us it has big mental impacts to our self-worth and self-esteem. When we are feeling down and have negative emotions around us, many times we don’t feel that we are good enough. One of the things we do is setting up a list of quick and easy wins. Tasks like getting up and going for a walk, doing a breathing exercise or writing a few words of gratitude in our journal


Personally, it really helps us to add these tasks to our overall to-do’s. This helps us overcome feeling overwhelmed as our next steps are defined. As we cross these small tasks off the list, it makes us feel like we are making forward progress. Small easy wins may sound insignificant, but never forget that every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!

5. Practice Self-Awareness

girl looking in mirror

Self-awareness isn’t easy and it requires a lot of practice. However, this is something that has really helped us in our own journeys. In this case we are talking about the self-awareness to step back and look at your thoughts objectively. As you think through your thoughts, ask yourself if you have framed them positively or negatively. If you answered negatively, then you can tell your mind to STOP, it helps to internally yell this!  Then you reframe the thought into a positive. 


For example, if you think you have failed, stop that thought. Reframe it, in a positive spin- you haven’t failed. You just found a way that did not work! This helps you avoid the same mistake later and it can help others! Actively seek to understand if your thoughts are negative and if so, reframe them to have a positive spin. Personally, we have to repeat the positive many times until the negative thought fades to a whisper. Overall, this has helped us change the way we think about ourselves. It may even become second nature!


Ultimately, we know how hard it is to stay positive while facing tough times. Having to practice positive thinking requires a lot of effort and energy. We’re by no means experts who can do this perfectly. However, these are 5 things that we practice to do our best to stay positive. What practices do you do in order to stay positive?


Much love,

Your Tomodotchi


Practicing positive thinking requires work. However, there are things we do that help. We wait before we act too fast, we surround ourselves with positive people, we change our environment, we allow ourselves easy wins and reframe our negative thoughts.

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