About Us

What is Tomodotchi?

The name Tomodotchi comes from the combination of the Japanese word Tomodachi, which means friend, and dot, in reference to the digital age we live in. 

Tomodotchi literally means your friend in the digital age! We consider you all our Tomodotchi and we hope you join our  family and help us build a community! 

At the front of all we do, we want you to feel like you are engaging with a friend. Whether it be through our stories, content or our products. You can rest assured you will always have us as your Tomodotchi.

Bonus fact! The folks behind Tomodotchi are Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese Americans who were born in the dot com era of the 90’s!

Our History

We were founded by owners who suffer from OCD, anxiety and depression. We have felt the isolation, loneliness and fears that these mental health issues can bring. We’ve noticed even in 2022 that the conversation of mental health is not normalized. While things are much better than 5-10 years ago, there is still a stigma associated with mental health. We ourselves have felt embarrassed to admit our own anxiety or depression. We noticed that for us this led to feelings of isolation and the impression that everyone but us had their lives together. 

We found that once we had the strength to share our story and experiences with others, it helped others find the strength to share their stories, build community and realize that we were not alone. Everyone has a story to share, we may not all experience the same levels of anxiety or depression, but we can all help one another.

The idea of Tomodotchi was founded during the height of COVID. Like so many others we decided that it was time to do our part, no matter how little, in furthering the conversations, normalizing and building a community focused on mental health! 

Our Dream

Our dream is to build an engaging lifestyle brand. We want to create a persona that brings awareness to our collective story. We want to ensure you know that you are not alone. 

We want to become mental health advocates. We dream to live in a world where we can all discuss our problems without shame. Where, we can share, grow and learn from one another, and to build a world where it feels perfectly normal to get the professional help you need and deserve. 

We also dream to bring you high quality products that promote comfort and bring calm and positive thoughts. We bring products that are meant to be a part of your journey to mental health positivity!

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We are not medical professionals and we are not mental health professionals, all our content is purely our opinion and stories. They are not meant or intended in anyway to be construed as advice or fact. If you need immediate medical or mental health assistance or help call 911.  

This is also a safe space, negative comments or interactions will not be tolerated and will be removed. 

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