Welcome to Tomodotchi!

Welcome to Tomodotchi!

It is with great pride that we welcome you to the start of the Tomodotchi community. If you are here, it probably means you are already close friends and family and we couldn’t be more thankful for your support in reading this first post. If you are completely new, then we are equally as thankful and welcoming that you are here! We know you must have a million questions, so grab your snack and buckle in as we welcome you to Tomodotchi.

What the heck is a Tomodotchi?

First and foremost, what the heck is Tomodotchi? The name Tomodotchi comes from the combination of the Japanese word Tomodachi, which means friend, and dot, in reference to the digital age we live in. Tomodotchi literally means your friend in the digital age! We felt this name really embodied the brand and community we are trying to build. At the front of all we do, we want you to feel like you are engaging with a friend. Whether it be through our stories, content or our products. You can rest assured you will always have us as your Tomodotchi.

Our Aim

If you’re anything like us, then even if you found yourself able to share your struggles with a loved one, you may have received a response like “everyone has anxiety” or “You’ll get over it”.  We know how defeating this is and how it can make you feel that your mental health is not a priority. Spoiler alert! Your mental health is a priority!

So, with our platform, we want to create a community where you can engage with us and other likeminded individuals. A community where you can feel represented and recognize that it is ok to prioritize yourself. We will share our collective stories to help you realize you are not alone. We hope to offer different perspectives that you may be able to use to achieve mental stability and become your own best mental health advocate. We won’t lie and say we got everything together, because *News Flash* we don’t. Starting this business and even writing this post has been full of anxiety inducing moments.

Honestly though, there is nothing in life that is anxiety free. So together we hope to take even one step forward and to create a community of Tomodotchi’s who are there for one another. There is no one solution to any problem, and what may help you may not help another, so the more we all share, learn and grow the more likely to be able to find your answer. We’re here to promote growth, perspective and community for all our Tomodotchi’s.

self care isn't selfish
shared stories

I know you may be thinking “wow that’s nice to hear, but what do you plan to actually do?”. Well we plan to share our collective stories! As an example in a blog post to come, we plan to discuss our experiences around how social pressures and expectations can create heightened levels of anxiety and what we do to help alleviate those pressures . We know, this is a huge topic and could be a thousand blog posts! Well strap in because we plan to share a thousand stories! 

By sharing our stories, we want to focus on normalizing the conversation of mental health and provide different perspectives and  solutions. We truly believe that we are so much stronger as a community. When we are alone and the anxiety and panic hits, we find that our rationality can never beat our irrationality. We hope that hearing stories of the community and seeing the end to the many different problems we all face will help your rational self beat back your irrationality!


Aside from being mental health advocates, we want to bring products to our community that embody the lifestyle of prioritizing your mental health. We will be launching products that are intended to bring you comfort, warmth and relaxation. Our products will focus on offering different potential solutions to different challenges in your lives. For instance, we may try to bring a product that helps you get better sleep or a product that can help you relax after a difficult day.

If we can offer even small solutions to different problems that have a negative impact on your mental health, we will have been successful. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. We hope that we can help you with even one of those steps. 

Full transparency! Our products will help support our content creation and the team behind Tomodotchi. Also, fun fact! Our products will be sold on Amazon so that you can have the power of Amazon’s distribution! We are really excited for that partnership and plan to launch our first product very soon. Stay tuned and we hope you are as excited as we are!

Ultimately, we hope our products can help you in your journey. However, whether or not you make any purchases; our content, community and stories will always be here for you our Tomodotchi. 

What we aren't

Now to address the elephant in the room! We are not mental health professionals and we definitely are not medical professionals. We don’t claim to have the answers to your every question or that our products will be able to help you, and nothing we say is meant to constitute medical advice. Everything here is based on our collective stories and experiences. We hope that you can see our genuine desire to be your Tomodotchi and our openness to share and make ourselves vulnerable. Through this we hope to help you feel validated, to learn new perspectives, and see different solutions from others. We hope the products we offer can bring you joy and peace and always make you feel as if your Tomodotchi is there. Everyday we realize how much we didn’t know yesterday and we are just regular normal people trying to find our way in this crazy world! Join our community and grow with us!

We appreciate you!

That being said, we hope you have enjoyed this start to Tomodotchi and can resonate with our message. Not to be a broken record! But we want to share our collective story, if you have a story you want to share or if you have a topic you want to read about, please email us at tomodotchi.inquiry@gmail.com. If you are interested in keeping updated with our different posts in the future, consider subscribing to our mailing list. 

Our goal is to create a community, and ultimately, a website isn’t the best place for that. So, we encourage you to follow our socials so we can engage on different platforms. After all, Tomodotchi is your friend in the digital age! We also ask that you please help us build this community! If you can share this post or our message to your family and friends, we would greatly appreciate it! The more we grow this community the stronger we all will grow! We look forward to laughing, smiling, crying and growing with you all!

Until the next post!

– Your Tomodotchi Family

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