Words Of Encouragement For New Beginnings

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This week we were reflecting on the last year of Tomodotchi. We thought about all the times we wanted to quit, all the times our anxiety almost defeated us and how hard certain days were. After a year, we feel that we’ve turned the corner and are feeling more comfortable in our new adventure. While every day is a learning experience, we feel more capable than before. This week, we wanted to share some words of encouragement and tips for all of you starting something new! By the way, starting something new can be anything, from new morning routines to completely new life changes.

Information Overload

If you are starting something new, it’s very likely you’re googling, youtubeing and searching for tips and advice for your new venture and you’re probably inundated with information! While living in 21st century is amazing and convenient, we do have a problem with information overload! 


It sure doesn’t help when one video tells you to do something and another tells you to do the complete opposite! This was the case for us when we started Tomodotchi and searched how to run a blog. Everyone had an opinion and they all thought they were the best. Honestly, at a certain point we hit analysis paralysis, we had  too much information and it stopped us from moving forward.



The best tip we can offer here is to say, watch a few videos and read a few articles. Find the advice that is pretty consistent amongst a group and move forward with that. Then be willing to shift and adapt based on what’s working for you. Most of these guides and tips are depicting what to do in a perfect situation. Life is never going to give a perfect moment and there will always be challenges, so just take what you think to be true and move forward. A big plus if your common sense agrees with a point, your sense has gotten you this far and it will continue to take you places!

Things will get harder before they get easier

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This point is more a reminder and encouragement to those of you starting something new. Many of us, including ourselves, fall into the fallacy that things are hardest when we first start. Personally, we have found that things actually get harder as time progresses!


Why is this? We feel it’s because as your knowledge level increases, you begin to recognize what you are doing wrong and then feel defeated. You get to a point where now we recognize silly mistakes or can recognize how “bad” you are at something in comparison to others. At this point most of us quit. We tell ourselves we can’t do it or that it’s too difficult. The reality is, this is the turning point to your moment of greatness. Recognize that for you to have these realizations means you have learned a ton already! Getting to this point is only possible because you are inherently better than when you started. This drives us to our next point.

You mind and anxiety will lie to you!

This is a concept that is easy to understand, but hard to recognize. Personally, we know that our anxiety is illogical and that it makes us worry about anything and everything. We also know that our mind plays tricks on us and causes us to overthink everything.


However, it’s hard for us to get over these thoughts and believe that they are just lies and tricks our mind and anxiety tell us. There may be a time when you start something new and your mind tells you it’s too hard or that you aren’t good enough. Or your mind may lie to you by changing a memory to seem better than the reality ever was. It will make you yearn for the easy days. Just remember, these are lies to trick you into inaction. Doing nothing is the easiest path, and at least for us, our mind and anxiety always want to do what’s easy. However, if you keep moving forward and trying, you will discover a new easy and soon enough your mind will want you to keep going. Keep pushing and fighting the good fight!

You will turn the corner

This brings us to our final point; you will turn the corner. At some point, the something new becomes routine and habit. One day you’ll wake up and recognize you’ve arrived at the destination or that the journey doesn’t feel as hard. A key reminder is that we all arrive at this point at different times. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s. Continue to persevere until you reach this point for yourself! One of our favorite books is “Oh the places you’ll go” by Dr. Seuss, and to share a quote “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ― Dr. Seuss. Always remember you are smart, capable and loved. You’ve made it this far and you will continue to move forward. You are one of our beloved Tomodotchi and we have all the faith in world that you will succeed!


Much love,



Change is terrifying and getting started is difficult. There’s way too much information to know how to really start. Just remember that you’ve gotten to this point with your own effort and you will pull through. Keep pushing past the difficulties and you will get through to your destination. You absolutely got this!

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As an added bonus for our readers, we like to include a game of where are the Tomodotchi Pets. They’ve been hidden in 2 of the pictures within this post. Can you find them all? See below for what they look like!

Tomodotchi Pets, Sasuke (gray cat), Momo (german shepard dog) and Tofu (golden retreiver dog)


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